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To compile AggPas you will need either Delphi compiler or Free Pascal compiler.

AggPas currently compiles on Windows (All), Linux (X11) & Mac (OSX).

The distribution archives for particular platforms are of a different sizes because each archive contains specific files (like precompiled units) for it's platform. You should be able to compile and run on each platform whithout any needs of additional downloads.

After downloading and unpacking the library distribution archive I recommend to run the find_compilers_xxx utility, where xxx is the name of the platform. It will scan the current working directory for the Agg demo projects and create appropriate up to-date compile scripts. On the permission-based file systems (linux & mac) it will also assign the "execute" file attributes to the script files. Then, to compile all of the demos, you just run appropriate compile script from the command line (terminal). The utility also excludes from compile scripts those demos, which are primarily targeted to different platforms (for ex. TT & gpc demos compiles only on windows).

AggPas 2.4 Release Milano 3 (22.1.2008)
  • Library source code is updated all over to keep up with new possibilities of AGG C/C++ 2.4 version. Some code is slightly changed and there are also a newly ported units. However this update is not rewrite, for example image and pattern stuff and path storage is kept from 2.3 (same functionality). See demo section for more details (14 new demos).
  • Flash compound rasterizer - fully ported, full functional
  • Gaussian and stack blurs
  • Two more composition modes - invert & invert rgb
  • Focal gradient with extended center point
  • New gradients: Contour, Assymetric conic, Bitmap
  • Bitmap caching - see the Particles demo
  • SVG demo now works also with expat.dll
  • FreeType2 bindings - freetype demos are now fully ported
  • Agg2D API and also TAgg2D for Delphi VCL (over 100 API commands)
   AggPas24-rm3.zip (2,8 MB)
   AggPas24-rm3.tar.gz (2,4 MB)
   AggPas24-rm3-mac.zip (4,9 MB)
AggPas 2.3 Release Milano 2 (26.6.2006)
  • SVG demo -> svg_test.dpr + svg directory in src.
    There is also a partial port of the Expat library on which the SVG demo is dependant.
  • Whole source code of AggPas library was adjusted to be compilable under the emerging 64bit FreePascal compiler. The adjustment includes changing the "integer(pointer(x ) )" constructs to the "ptrcomp(pointer(x ) )". Ptrcomp is defined in the agg_basics.pas and depending on the CPU64 conditional it is either integer or int64.
   AggPas23-rm2.zip (1,2 MB)
   AggPas23-rm2.tar.gz (1 MB)
   AggPas23-rm2-mac.zip (4 MB)
AggPas 2.3 Release Milano 1 (10.4.2006)
   AggPas23-rm1.zip (1 MB)
   AggPas23-rm1.tar.gz (880 KB)
   AggPas23-rm1-mac.zip (3,8 MB)
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