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Generally, to use ICU4PAS, you will need to have the official ICU libraries properly installed.
(DLL on Windows & SO on Linux).

To compile ICU4PAS you will need either Delphi compiler or Free Pascal compiler.
(ICU4PAS currently compiles on Windows (All) & Linux.)

After downloading and unpacking the library distribution archive you can use the C API of the library directly. If you want to use also the C++ object interfaces API, you will have to compile the icu4pas C++ helper library, which resides in the /icu4pas.lib directory. Follow the readme.txt in that directory for further instructions. Note that, in Linux, you will have to compile and install icu4pas shared library anyway, because linking process on Linux requires existing shared objects at compile time. On Windows, having the icu4pas dynamic link library on path at compile time is optional.

You can find also native pascal demo applications in /samples directory. To compile samples you can directly use the compile-*.* scripts. Scripts should run just fine assuming you have one of the required pascal compilers on your path.

ICU4PAS 3.6 Release Milano 1 (24.05.2007)
   Source Code Download
   icu4pas-3_6-rm1.zip (1 MB)
   Binary Distribution Download for Windows (DLL)
   icu4pas-3_6-rm1-Win32-msvc7_1.zip (70 KB)
   Binary Distribution Download for Linux (SO)
   icu4pas-3_6-rm1-Linux-gcc4_1_1.tar.gz (130 KB)
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