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The proof of technology of nowadays Object Pascal language and it's compilers is the ability to provide a comparable native software solutions as other very sophisticated languages like c/c++. However pascal translations tend to be a little less efficient than their c/c++ counterparts. This is probably mainly due to the lack of the generic programming, which allows class parametrization with numeric constants and types. Following is the list of such projects. I must admit, it was hard to compile this list. There's not much projects like this, so if you know about some more, please let me know.

* Projects are listed by the release date (newest on top).

    Port Link   Description   Author(s)   Date    Port Type  Target   Group    Original  
    AggPas   Vector Graphics library   Milan Marusinec   26.06.2006    Native Port (C++ with templates)  W, L, M       AntiGrain Geometry  
    Pascal LZMA   7-Zip file archiver with high compression ratio   Alan Birtle   13.06.2006    Native Port (C)  W, L       7-zip  
    PTCPas   Pixel Conversion library   Nikolay Nikolov   03.05.2006    Native Port (C++)  W, D, L   FPC    PixelToaster  
    Hermes   Pixel Conversion library   Nikolay Nikolov   03.05.2006    Native Port (C)  W ,D ,L   FPC    Hermes  
    DelphiQuake   Pascal port of Quake game from idSoft   Jim Valavanis   22.01.2006    Native Port (C)  W  
    DelphiDoom   Pascal port of DOOM game from idSoft   Jim Valavanis   28.01.2005    Native Port (C)  W  
    AElfred2   XML Parser   Jeff Rafter   04.07.2003    Native Port (Java)  W       GNU JAXP  
    Getopt()   Unix getopt() for parsing command line arguments   Uri Fridman   24.02.2003    Native Port (C)  W, L        
    BZip2   BZip2 decompression   Daniel Mantione   10.10.2002    Native Port (C)  W, L   FPC    libbzip2  
    Delphi MPEG   MPEG Audio Player   Joachim Bauch   20.04.2002    Native Port (C++)  W       Maplay  
    RegExpr   Extended Delphi-port of Henry Spencer V8-routines   Andrey V. Sorokin   25.02.2001    Native Port (C)  W       RegExp  
    TPLY   Turbo Pascal Lex/Yacc   Albert Graef   01.04.2000    Native Port (C)  W, L       Lex/Yacc  
    FreeType 1   TrueType Font reader / interpreter library   David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, Werner Lemberg   20.12.1999    Native Port (C)  W       FreeType  
    PasJPeg   JPEG reader / writer library   Jacques Nomssi Nzali   29.05.1999    Native Port (C)  W       libJPeg  
    sscanf()   Translation of sscanf C Utility Library   Clinton Johnson   27.01.1999    Native Port (C)  W   JEDI     
    GpcPas   General Polygon Clipper   Stefan Schedel   17.10.1998    Native Port (C)  W       GPC  
    PasZLib   Z Compression   Jacques Nomssi Nzali   11.05.1998    Native Port (C)  W       ZLib  
    UnZip   Extraction utility for archives compressed in .zip   Christian Ghisler, Peter Vreman   02.03.1998    Native Port (C)  W, L, O   FPC    UnZip  
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