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High Fidelity 2D Graphics
Object Pascal port of a High Quality Rendering Engine for C++

Latest news, 1 October 2009

Updated version (D2009 & D2010) of AggPas library is available here.

AggPas is an Object Pascal native port of the Anti-Grain Geometry library - AGG, originally written by Maxim Shemanarev in industrially standard C++. AGG as well as AggPas is Open Source and free of charge 2D vector graphics library.

AGG (and AggPas too) doesn't depend on any graphic API or technology. Basically, you can think of AGG as of a rendering engine that produces pixel images in memory from some vectorial data. But of course, AGG can do much more than that. The ideas and the philosophy of AGG are ...

Read more at: http://www.antigrain.com/about

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