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CrossGL SDK High Level Architecture Diagram


Brief description of diagram elements

User Application
Resulting software based on particular Application Framework, utilizing CrossGL API and optionally Imaging Toolkit of developer's choice.
Programming interface consisting of object oriented API classes and standalone API calls. This is the encapsulating layer providing instant access to all underlying technologies that can be used without knowing anything about them.
Interface classes
Proxy objects allowing CrossGL renderers to attach to surfaces of developer's choice.
Bitmap Surfaces
Application Framework or Toolkit specific objects for work with raster data such as bitmaps or framebuffers.
Encoding foundations
Abstraction layer providing I18N & L10N functionality. Focused on Unicode while any other encoding can be implemented as well.
Higher level text processing functionality. Operates on encoding foundations and provides XML like functionality & complex text layout rendering.
Raster imaging
Platform idenpendent Bitmap & Image core classes. Bitmap class provides general raster image abstraction while Image class deals with various image formats and their conversion. Contains also more than 30 bitmap filters effects, color depth conversion routines and color names management routines.
Crossplatform foundations
General non-imaging crossplatform functionality such as memory list management, data streaming, file access, exception handling, cross types, formatting and utility functions.
Anti-Grain Geometry - low level vector graphics engine library.
XML parser library used in conjuction with XML based vector image files such as SVG.
Low level font engine library.
International Components for Unicode - comprehensive Unicode and globalization support library.
CrossGL can be considered as a software rasterizer for ICU.
JPEG image compression & decompression library.
General purpose compression & decompression library (RCF 1950 format).


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