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Recurrent Alarms - hourly, daily, monthly & annual

By clicking on the list of alarm types [1], you will find a group of recurrent alarms.

Hourly Alarm

Recurs every day at specified minute [2] and second [3] of every hour. Optionally, you can limit the hours to run the alarm by specifying in the Only on Hours [4] input box.

Daily Alarm

Recurs at specified time [5] on selected days [6]. If no day of week is selected, alarm recurs on every day.

Monthly Alarm

Recurs at specified time [7] on the n-th day [8] of every month. Use [8] input box or [9] slider to set the day. You can also specify a n-th day from the end of month by checking on the Day of month is reversed [10] checkbox.

Annual Alarm

Recurs at specified time [11], day [12] and month[13] every year or only on specified years [14].

This alarm is suitable for use with birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or other annual events. Use the Alarm Text input box to specify the names.

Advanced Options

Use Advanced Options [15] on the Alarm Tab to even more specify on which days the recurrent alarm has to run.

Check on the Use Daily (or Monthly) Alarm on following ... [16] check box to make the specifying options [17] effective.

Note: You may end up with recurrent alarm that won't run on any day. This is possible by configuring such combinations of options [17], that will never occur. When specifying alarms, you can always check in the Due List [18] tab to instantly see, on which days the alarm will run.

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