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Celebrate The Royal Wedding 2011 !

The most anticipated event is here. Put a magnificent dedicated countdown clock on your desktop and keep an eye on the wedding as it is approaching.

The Royal Wedding Countdown Clock

The Royal Wedding Countdown Clock is a FREE desktop countdown clock software. It exactly measures the time remaining to the Royal Wedding 2011. Besides that, you can use it as a traditional windows clock replacement. The alarm function lets you define your own custom alarm with sound. It nicely integrates with Your desktop - You can choose to pin the clock to desktop, use it as a normal window, keep it on top or even force it to foreground (when in click-through mode). Plus some other options, such as "hide on mouse over", "start with Windows" and "clock transparency" configuration.

Portable or Windows native - choose to install clock as a Windows installation in Program Files or as a Portable App (on eg. USB stick or external drive).

When the event approaches, the clock will play a celebratory animation with rings, swans and beautiful piano version of Mendelsons wedding march.

After the event, clock will count up the time passed since the wedding.

Stay informed - clock contains also a menu of useful links to the resources on the web related to this great and happy event. Please note - no advertisement or promotion ! All links are decent and honest sources of information. And if you know about some worthy royal wedding related web page, just let us know so we could include it too.

The Royal Wedding Countdown Clock Download

The Royal Wedding Countdown Clock - Installer
Windows XP, Vista, 7
2 MB

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Price: Free
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Version: 1.00
File Size: 2 MB
Last Update: 27 November 2010
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