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Vector Clocks, Download bei heise

Wonderful idea! Your clocks are useful, beautiful and easy to be unsterstood. Congratulations!

- Dino S. -
You have the most wonderfully executed clocks I had ever seen (and used). Even if all the faces look somewhat "the same" by way of digit placement, date box, etc, the idea of a vector based clock in itself is appealing. These clocks can be set against any wallpaper and still look good at any size, not like the jagged outlines all other clock programs offer. Congrats and keep adding more faces. More skins would help make your creation even more attractive. Thank you for your gift to the world. I wish you good health and long life for the good work that you've done. I thoroughly enjoy using your clock.

- Nasir K. -
Your free vector-clocks look extremely beautiful and occupy little CPU resource. I've been using a VectorClock-Venice for quite a few days and loving it more each day.

- Tsprajna -
You folks have certainly put the watchmaker on the corner out of business — your ideas for watches were great and the execution was brilliant! Keep the watches a'chiming!

- George M. -
Really, really beautiful clocks. Very well done program. Thanks for making it portable and giving it away for free.

- Fork -
Wow. I'm very impressed so far. I love that you had an install that offered the program as a portable app/runs off a flash drive. You get it! Low memory, alarm and options. I'll definately look at your pay programs when I get back to work. Thank you for the free clock.

- Richard -
Es importante contar con un reloj adecuado a las necesidades de cada persona. Tengo disminuciòn de la capacidad de lectura y poder diseñar un reloj que responda a mis limitaciones es fantàstico
(It is important to have a suitable clock to the needs of each individual. I have reduced ability to read and to design a watch that meets my limitations is fantastic)

- Alejandro R. -
страхотни часовници, благодаря

- Dinko -
Thank you for the clock(s). I am very, very impressed with its quality and design. However, I am even more impresed with your generosity to share it with the world. God bless you!!!! I am not good with art or graphics. I would like to see how other people use your magnificent software to design great-looking clocks. Please let me know if there is a website where I could download, admire and use skins that have been designed by other users of your great clock program. Once again, thank you!

- Kamil N. -
very cool clocks, i like it. thanks

- Bin H. -
Great Program and very handy ..I love it. Thank You :-)

- Marga -
What do I think? This is a brilliant little addition to my desktop. I have been looking for something like this for some time. Many thanks

- Ken H. -
Vector clock is the most fancy clock software i have ever tested with about 6-7 similar softwares found in download.com . It looks nice, and I am impressed with its shape, that can be freely alter. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful software to us.

- Dan W. -
Thank you so much for making a set of clocks that is not only customizable but also extremely versatile. I had given up on finding a clock that I liked on my desktop and was apprehensive when my friend told me about free vector clocks, but to be fair I tried it out and was very glad that I did.

- Cole McG. -
Hi. I've just installed these on my laptop and they are fantastic. Can't believe they're free! Just going to put them on my main PC now. Excellent accessory for any pc, thanks very much!!!

- Paul C. -
Félicitation pour les superbes horloges qui sont tout simplement hallucinantes, et merci de pouvoir nous en procurer une tout à fait gratuitement. Donc je vais aussi référer de mes amis à consulter votre site web.

- Serge G. -
I am using the Roman Gears Vector Clock and to be honest, I can't think of much except a mouse-over day/date function and couple more alarms that I would want, or use. I have reduced it, parked it in a corner of my desktop, always on top, and it's completely replaced my my tray clock. I think it's a great App. Having it on my flash drive is an added bonus. I'm going to try SnapDraw next. Keep up the good work.

- Ed M. -
Parabéns pelo excelente programa que estão oferecendo aos usuários.
Congratulations on the excellent program they are offering to users.

- José António M. -
Ez a legjobb!!!! Its the best!!!!! (from Hungary)

- Peter M. -
All the clocks include some nice features and look good. I've been meaning to get a desktop alarm clock for some time and these will do nicely. I particularly like that they do not require installation........for me, it's a keeper!

- James (Jim) H. -
Nice clocks and fast loading, well done and thank you.

- Michael N H. -
An Awesome Clock functionality. I tested many desktop clocks, but this has taken the place on my Desktop. If there is a Snooze option and Remind Before options as we have in Outlook, then I am sure, I am going to leave my Outlook.

- Prashanth -
Amazing product indeed. Functional, charming and easy to use. Best of all, at no cost. I love it and have recommended your product to all my friends. Thanks for the software.

- Richard -
I have just started playing with these clocks and find them really impressive. They work real well on Win7 64 and look really great. The fact that they are portable is an even bigger plus. Thank you for making them free.

- Anonymous -
I appreciate every good piece of code and especially when a programmer can afford to offer an application for free. Your free vector clocks, being standalone executables, are perfect for running from USB drives.

- Asen -
Hey! That's one super duper utility for a personal clock ! It looks great. I did try the old clock you had but this was much more catchy and fun to use, I like how you can skew the clock on the desktop, have yet to test the artistic use, but I will soon. Very refreshing & different Milan, Cool..

- Patrick -
Very impressive in terms of looks and customization. Never thought I'd have one of those lame clock things on my desktop before I saw this program.

- webfork -
Pretty nice looking. I replaced the Vista clock gadget with the gold version of this clock.

- flector -

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