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101+ Analog Clocks for Android

101+ Vector Clocks Available

Announcing Vector Clock Pro

New beautiful set of Free Vector Clocks


Multiple Alarms, Advanced Recurrency and more

The best way to get familiar with Vector Clocks is to try out the Free version first. After some time, you may find it would be useful to be able to do more with your Vector Clocks. And that's what the Pro edition offers.

Vector Clock Pro with Add Alarm dialog and Today Info.

To see screenshots of all clocks - click here.
Vector Clock Pro combines high-fidelity graphics engine, advanced clock scheduler functionality and beautiful art in a product, you won't find anywhere else. It is designed, to provide you with very flexible alarm features, wide selection of clock skins and a great visualisation possibilities. With Vector Clocks, you always see a high quality view of the Clock regardless of size, rotation or 3D tilt. At the same time, the requirements on your PC are low. Vector Clock Pro consumes typically 1-2% of the processor time (once per second) and it can handle any amount of alarms at this rate. Plus Vector Clock doesn't require any hardware acceleration - it is pure software based so it runs on any PC.

With Vector Clock Pro, you can use not only any of the available 101+ clock skins, but you can also create your own clocks, if you would wish so. The part of the Vector Clocks suite of tools is also the Vector Clock Designer application, where you can either modify existing clocks or create a whole new clock designs.

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How to create custom Vector Clock and use it in Pro

[HD Video on Youtube]
Our users say ...

Because of your good service and of course software I just made a payment via banktransfer for the pro version. You are a true artist and i will enjoy it.

- Peter D. -
This is the first Reminder and Clock software that I liked. It has the ease of use and a beautiful interface.

- Gene B.L. -
Vector fantastic - The application is really easy to install and operates perfectly. I like the alarm that can use any mp3, other application that I used could not do so. Full marks!

- Adriaan -
Absolutely brilliant. Well done!!

- Dave P. -
Der Task-Manager meines sechs Jahre alten Celeron mit XP zeigt mir 2% CPU-Auslastung und ca. 16 MB Speicherauslastung. Sowohl vom Aussehen als auch von der Funktionalität ist es die beste Alarmuhr die ich bislang gesehen habe.

- Thommy1 -

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Current Version
Price: $24.95
Trial Period:15 Days
Version: 2.20
File Size: 10,4 MB
Last Update: 8 May 2011
Version history
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