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About MicroInvention Ltd.

MicroInvention is a small microISV (one-man) company established and funded in 2005 by Mr. Milan Marusinec. We specialize in hiqh quality graphics software. In the years of 2005 - 2008, we created graphics technology called CrossGL ®. Since 2009, we are producing various end user commercial applications based on CrossGL.

MicroInvention is an European company from Slovakia. Slovakia is a Little Big Country in the heart of Europe, a member of European Union and European Monetary Union (with official Euro currency).

About the name

By a definition, "microinvention" is incremental progress in improving pre-existing technology, while "macroinvention" is radical innovation without a clear precedent. The terms were coined by Dr. Joel Mokyr, professor of Economics and History at Northwestern University, and popularized in the book "The Lever of Riches: Technological Creativity and Economic Progress, New York: Oxford University Press" in 1990.

Our dedication to this term reflects exactly, what we are trying to do.

About Company Founder

Milan Marusinec holds master's degree in computer sciences from Slovak Economic University. During his university studies worked for 5 years as an independent software author for various local Slovakian firms.

After leaving university, worked another 4 years as a software author and co-owner of local technological IT firm delivering local information system for lawyers and judges.

One year worked in Slovak Telekom (a branch of Deutsche Telekom) as an IT requirements manager and after a wave of reductions he decided to establish his own start-up company to make a use of 10 years experience in the field of software development. From 2005 has been working full time at MicroInvention.

He is an author of open source projects AggPas and ICU4PAS. He is also an author of CrossGL and all application software you can download from this web site.



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