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Get Yourself a nice Free Desktop Alarm Clock !

Yes, Windows already has its own system clock, right there on the bottom right corner of your interface.

So, why would you want another clock ?

The answer is that Vector Clock is not just any clock. It's a fully scalable desktop alarm clock that can be placed anywhere on your screen, rotated with total freedom, resized to any scale and set in 3D perspective view without losing any quality. Plus, it doesn't require installation and it's FREE.
Have a look at high-res Vector Clocks screenshots on our Facebook gallery page here.
Free Vector Clocks running on desktop.

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Vector Clock is customizable. There are detailed Clock Options in the settings. It also nicely integrates with Your desktop - You can choose to pin the clock to desktop, use it as a normal window, keep it on top or even force it to foreground (when in click-through mode). Plus some other options, such as "hide on mouse over", "start with Windows" and "clock transparency" configuration.

Alarm function let You set up message and sound to play on due time (wav, mp3, midi). You can use it also as a simple countdown timer - after checking on the "Now plus" option, clock will compute a future alarm time based on delay you define (eg. after 5 minutes).

Time Zones allows You to set each clock into the different Time Zone (eg. New York, Paris, Tokyo). This way, You can have a handy World Clock on Your desktop. Date on each clock indicates, if there is yesterday, today or tomorrow. Clock in time zone automatically computes shift of Daylight Time Saving (DST). Time zone labels can be customized.

It is portable - each clock is just 1MB single EXE and you can put it on the USB stick to carry it around. No installation is required - just put it wherever You want (eg. on desktop) - and run it. For bundle of more than one clocks, a convenient installer and uninstaller is included, which lets you choose whether to install clocks as a native Windows App or as a Portable App (on external drive for example).

We've seen lots of free desktop alarm clocks; Vector Clocks is the nicest one yet.

- CNET (download.com) editors' review -
Your free vector-clocks look extremely beautiful and occupy little CPU resource. I've been using a VectorClock-Venice for quite a few days and loving it more each day.

- Tsprajna -
You folks have certainly put the watchmaker on the corner out of business your ideas for watches were great and the execution was brilliant! Keep the watches a'chiming!

- George M. -
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Last Update: 2 April 2010
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