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SnapDraw is FREE

101+ Analog Clocks for Android

101+ Vector Clocks Available

Announcing Vector Clock Pro

New beautiful set of Free Vector Clocks


19.08.2011   |   SnapDraw is FREE
High fidelity vector graphics screenshot annotation tool enters the world of FREE.
15.07.2011   |   101+ Analog Clocks for Android
After a few months of development I am happy to announce availability of Vector Clocks for Android Smartphones.
29.03.2011   |   101+ Vector Clocks Available
I'm happy to announce the availability of 101+ Vector Clocks.
24.02.2011   |   Announcing Vector Clock Pro
Vector Clock Pro is available now for download.
01.01.2011   |   New beautiful set of Free Vector Clocks
Many thanks to the fantastic designers at Vectorlib for providing this beautiful set of professionally designed Office Clocks.
12.12.2010   |   Free Vector Clocks can have a photo
I have added a new feature in settings - Clock Image, so the clocks can be even further customized.
27.11.2010   |   The Royal Wedding Countdown Clock
The most anticipated event is here. Put a magnificent dedicated countdown clock on your desktop and keep an eye on the wedding as it is approaching.
1.11.2010   |   Free Vector Clocks get Time Zones
Thanks to your positive feedback and valuable suggestions received over the last week I decided to implement Time Zones feature. So if you are running more than one Free Vector Clock on your desktop, now it is possible to configure each clock into some Time Zone. This way you can have a handy portable World Clock.
27.10.2010   |   Announcing Vector Clock Designer software
I am happy to announce the general availability of a new kind of software for design of functional desktop countdown/alarm clocks.
03.09.2010   |   On-line Free Vector Libraries launched
It is my pleasure to announce the launch of Free Vector libraries as a bonus addition to our graphics software.
22.08.2010   |   SnapDraw 3.10 update - Send To & Twitter
A new "Send To" panel was added. For now, it contains uploading to FTP, sending by Email and posting to Twitter.
08.08.2010   |   Announcing new major SnapDraw 3.00 version
The main new feature is a complete overhaul of screenshot annotation tools. The old version (2.50) had a complicated system of annotation tool settings in dialog boxes and tabs and it was a quite difficult (while powerfull) to quickly pickup and use some nice annotation tool.
15.02.2010   |   SnapDraw 2.50 Update
New Features & Enhacements
07.02.2010   |   Major SnapDraw 2.40 Update
New Compelling Features
02.02.2010   |   Bits du Jour Sale on 7th & SnapDraw 2.30 Update
Bits du Jour 51% Discount Sale on February 7th
26.12.2009   |   SnapDraw 2.21 Update
New Features Update.
10.12.2009   |   SnapDraw 2.10 Update
Product has been updated with a new Live Help system.
23.11.2009   |   Introducing SnapDraw 2.0
CrossGL Alpha Screenshot is SnapDraw 2.0
28.10.2009   |   Reminder Clock 1.10 Update
New Features & Improvements Update.
18.10.2009   |   Alpha Screenshot 1.30 Update
New Features Update.
12.10.2009   |   Alpha Screenshot 1.20 Update
New Features Update.
1.10.2009   |   Alpha Screenshot 1.10 Update
New Features Update.
16.9.2009   |   Announcing CrossGL Alpha Screenshot software
New high quality graphics image composition software with screen capture capabilities for Windows 7, Vista & XP including recording of full windows Alpha transparencies.
15.8.2009   |   Reminder Clock 1.01 Update
As a reaction to feedback we received past days, we changed a way how inactive parts of user interface are rendering (no more blurring).
3.8.2009   |   Announcing first commercial software built with CrossGL
After a months of active development we are proud to announce the availability of first CrossGL based commercial application.
28.1.2009   |   CrossGL SDK 1.00 Beta Technology Showcase
Start-up company MicroInvention Ltd. is announcing launch of a brand new product - CrossGL SDK imaging library, available for preview as a Technology Showcase Beta Applications.


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