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Specific Date(s) Alarm

This type of alarm is convenient if you need to keep track of what events you have had in past, because it is being kept in clock alarms (and also in calendar view) before it is, and after it was due.

Choose the Specific Date(s) Alarm from the list of alarm types [4] and enter the Time [1] and Date[2] and click on Add button. Alarm Text [3] is optional.

In Advanced Options [5] mode, you can also specify when the alarm is going to be repeated. To do that, click on the Details [6] tab.

Specific Date Alarm recurrencies can be either generated by defined pattern or individually added as you need.

To generate recurrencies, configure the Repetition interval [9] & [10] and Ending Date [11], then check on the Repeat Alarm on following dates [7] checkbox. Clock will create alarm due dates list in the range from initial Time [1] and Date [2] until Ending Date[11] by the defined intervals.

To add individual recurrency click on the "+" [14] button. Clock will add next alarm due time by adding defined time interval [9] & [10] to the time and date of the last entry in the list of already defined recurrencies [8].

If you want to change due time/date of any item in the list, select the appropriate entry and use the Modify Due Date [12] or Modify Due Time [13] input boxes.

You can also remove individual due entries with the remove "x" [15] button.

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