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Auction Countdown for EBay

Bidding on EBay ? This alarm might come handy.

Select Auction Countdown for EBay from the list of alarm types [5].

All you need to do - to quickly create this type of alarm, is to paste the URL address of an EBay auction into the EBay Auction URL [1] input box and click on Retrieve [2] button.

Clock will download the Auction web page, analyze it and automatically fill in the Auction Item [6] and Auction ends time [3] and date [4] fields.

EBay alarm will be displayed as a Countdown in Today Info popup window [7]. You can later visit the auction page by clicking on the hyperlink [8] in Today Info.

Advanced Options [9] is enabled by default for EBay Countdown Alarm, because it defines Alert 5 minutes before the end of auction time. This way, the clock will open up the auction page just minutes before, so you can do your final bidding.

The automatic opening of auction webpage on Alert and Alarm is enabled with the [10] option. Optionally you can configure the clock to open the auction webpage regularly on some specified intervals until the end of auction. To do that, enable the [11] option, and configure your desired time interval with [12] time value input box and [13] value type slider. Additionally you can also specify, on which hours [14] the auction pages should be opened by given intervals.

The Countdown for EBay Alarm is preconfigured for the english version of EBay aution pages. If you use a different language version of EBay, you can configure it for another language by entering the Auction Time Left and Auction Ended strings [15]. The clock will be then able to parse and recognize the appropriate auction fields for automatic download with Retrieve [2] button. Don't forget to add different language version into the alarm profiles, so you won't have to re-enter the strings repeatedly.

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